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What to Expect in 2020?

As technology is growing, it is sure that we will be seeing many more great ideas in coming 7 years, both from start ups and giant companies.

Last decade paved way for innovations like Facebook, Gmail, Mozilla Firefox etc. in the web technology field. In the hardware technology category, we saw some great products like iPhone, Wii and Flash Memory. In the Operating System category Microsoft released their Windows XP, Vista and 7 versions.

In the last 3 years, most of the giant tech companies started to make mobilization their core market area. As the sales of smart phones have increased considerably, start ups working on the apps and games have become buzzwords in the tech world.

Some products took mobilization to the next level. First, a fully functional smart watch named Pebble, crowdsourced its funding and raised 10X its asking in 3 weeks, this shows how much the customers are eager for innovative wearable technology. Google got into the business of mobility with Google Glass makes consumers record on the pane of glass whatever they see and is building an app ecosystem that helps consumers watch movies, navigate maps, capture underwater pictures and record videos.

Mobile devices being released this year have new generation technology which consists of Snapdragon processor, dual core chip, 13-41 mega pixel camera, flexible screen etc. Unlike the last decade when the developed Western countries like US and UK dominated the tech world, this decade has been dominated mainly by China, Korea, India, Japan and Taiwan.

More and more companies are now depending on the young talent pool for ideas that will make the future brighter in the field of technology and innovation. For that reason only, many companies are asking for a feedback from customers which will help them make their products better than that of the competitors. Crowdsourcing is also being done in the areas of research and development, manufacturing, marketing and sales.

Just think, what will happen if all this innovative things are merged together? A smart glass and watch to get notifications and for entertainment, a flexible retina display screen phone with Snapdragon processor, camera resolution of more than 41 mega pixels with Carl Zeiss lens and games that come out to life with in-phone projectors. So, what to expect in the year 2020? A real world can be in front of you, if things and devices become this small and more technologically innovative.

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