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How To Captivate A Man - 4 Useful Tips

It is quite common to see men approaching women with same old pick-up lines, which usually doesn't work. But there are times when they impress women. Also women may find some pick-up lines, which they feel to be really interesting, but may not interest a man. So, it is in the best of interest to know how to captivate a man.

Four (4) things to remember when trying to captivate a man

Firstly, men do not like an insecure woman who always sticks to him. It puts them off if you are always around him. It shows that you are insecure and a bit too possessive about him. A man needs space and trust. But that doesnt mean that you should avoid him. He may find someone else if you do so.

Men love challenges. You should make him chase you. If you make him feel that he can have you any time he needs you, he might start losing interest in you. So keep in mind that initiating making love with him often does not make a relationship stronger. Make him chase you, and let him put an effort to get you. In that way, he will derive much more pleasure to possess you, as he would have otherwise derived.

Never try to make him your best friend. It is understandable that you want your man to share his feelings with you and make him feel better by hearing his woes and solving his problems. A good friend also does that. Being a best friend would lead him to talk about the other women in his life. This would be painful for you because you won't be one of them. So try to be a good friend, not a best friend.

So what is it that attracts men? Men love women who are self-assured and emotionally secure. Women should be confident about whatever they do. Women should be achievers in their fields of work. They should be confident and emotionally stable. Women should be reasonable and rational. And should believe that everyone has flaws and no one is perfect.

Your duty is to try and correct your flaws and let him recognize and correct his. Always keep in mind that the man, who chooses you for him, is lucky to have you. You are his asset to him. Make him a special part of your life and live life to the fullest and he will also love being with you. Learn how to captivate a man's heart and make him yours and make him stay by your side forever.

also love being with you. Learn how to captivate a man's heart and make him yours and make him stay by your side forever.

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