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Compare Roadside Assistance Companies

    • 1). Use the Internet to find the reputable roadside assistance companies. Many of the company websites will offer comparison charts. For example, the Best Roadside website compares its coverage against AAA, All State, and Better World.

    • 2). Analyze the services offered by each of the roadside-assistance companies. Most common services include towing, locksmiths, fuel delivery, flat-tire assistance and various reimbursements. However, the quality of the assistance and the ability for the customer to choose where and how the vehicle is handled varies according to the roadside-assistance company.

    • 3). Take into account how much long-distance traveling will be done. Not all roadside assistance companies offer their services in all 50 states. For individuals who plan on taking road trips, 24-hour roadside assistance is often beneficial.

    • 4). Compare the yearly costs for roadside assistance between the various companies. Although many individuals have a certain budget, not having adequate roadside-assistance coverage can lead to future unplanned expenses. When taking the service's fees into account, it is important to focus on the quality of service that will be received.

    • 5). Look to see which roadside-assistance companies offer discounts and specialized benefits to their customers. Many companies provide travel discounts on car rentals and vacations.

    • 6). Review all of the available information. The Consumer Reports website stresses the importance of a thorough comparison in order to locate coverage gaps that can exist in certain roadside-assistance programs.

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