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Aside from the usual making sure that your car is in working order before you do venture out and drive to the streets and roads, there are other things that you should do so as to make sure that your trusted vehicle would be working fine through a long period of time.
By making sure that you do take the effort to do monthly check ups on your car, you also are making sure that your car gets to receive the right kind of maintenance that it needs so as to keep it working as if you just bought it right out of the dealer.
The basic importance of doing monthly check ups is that you are saving yourself and your pocket from extravagant expenses because of great damages on your car.
You see, by checking your car monthly, you get to notice any kind of situations which may lead to greater problems.
Once you notice them, you can immediately take action and fix them up before it gets any worse.
You need not worry about these monthly check ups because they are so simple that you can do them yourself.
One of the things that you should remember to check would be the oil level.
If there is a need to add some, then go ahead and do so.
Do not let it go on empty.
Another fluid level to check is the coolant.
If necessary, go ahead and add antifreeze and water.
The break fluid level of your car should also be checked and should be added if need be.
Do the same for other fluids in your car like the power steering fluid, clutch reservoir, automatic transmission fluid, and the windshield washer fluid reservoir.
You should also take the effort to go and check the belts of your car for any signs of age and cracks.
If you see such, it is time to replace them.
Also make sure that they do have the proper amount of tension or your car may also slack up on its job.
The hoses of your car should also be checked for leaks, cracks, or aging and in these cases, replacement would be the solution.

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