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5 Keys to Personal Spiritual Renewal in 2010 and Beyond

Every New Year is an opportunity to look back over the past year and look forward to the new one.
Sometimes it feels like a hamster in a cage going round and round but never really leaving the spot we have been in every year.
It may feel like running a maze and having no idea when, how or if we can ever find the way out.
Spiritual renewal can be thought of as a way of stopping the wheel to experience and reassess the nature of our journey; it is a guide out of the maze and opens up new opportunities to create the life we always wanted.
Here I suggest 5 keys to spiritual renewal in 2010.
Be Committed to Daily Renewal Spiritual renewal is a daily experience.
Be intentional about your renewal habits.
The key to renewal, as with most things in life, is consistency.
It is also something most of us find difficult to implement.
But keep in mind that it is the cumulative benefits of renewal that make the difference not a single experience.
It is quite possible for a single experience to be transformative, but this still has to be maintained through a life of consistent daily renewal.
Renewal habits include prayer, reading spiritual literature, becoming part of a support network of people committed to spiritual growth, work for the betterment of others, love and accept self and others as recipients of God's unconditional love.
Adopt the Attitude of a Learner From a spiritual perspective, the great objective of life is to learn from our experiences.
This means accepting each moment as the right one and not wishing it would be different.
Take the moment and seek to find its lessons.
This will enrich your journey and assist you on the path of wisdom.
The energy invested in wishing would be better spent in learning.
This is the key to growth.
Be Aware of the Reality of your Dark Side The dark side is not only a stars wars idea.
Every human being has a dark side and another key to spiritual renewal is to know and accept its presence and power.
It comes disguised in many forms and attitudes but its objective is always the same; to convince you that you have no choice but to surrender to its dictates.
For some it is the belief that we can never be better, things will always be the same.
Therefore it is futile to even try.
For others it is the tendency to always see things from the negative, nothing will ever go right for me.
For still others it involves deep feelings of worthlessness, isolation and rejection.
Be ready to recognize its presence in whatever form and refuse to surrender, rather take charge of your spiritual heritage with access to divine resources and grow forward.
Take a Vulnerability Inventory Review the past, identify where you have been most vulnerable to the dark side suggestions, ideas and thoughts and prepare yourself to confront and reframe them with truth.
What thoughts have you been most susceptible to? Where do you feel the most shame? Be mentally alert as you go on the offensive to expel them.
Spiritual renewal is thinking with a new mind consistent with the belief that we are all entitled to live joyful and productive lives.
Stay in the Process Understand this is a continual struggle and not a momentary one.
But every victory strengthens for the next one.
Celebrate your victories learn from your defeats.
Spiritual renewal is possible even in the worst moments of life but it must be intentional and consistent.
These five keys provide a road map for spiritual renewal in 2010 and beyond.
Decide now to make the effort needed to implement these keys as way of life and experience the benefits of a fuller and richer spiritual life.

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