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Rice Nutrition and Preparation Methods For It

We tend to ignore what is around us and what we eat everyday unless we have the time and attention to have a closer look at them.
Rice is one of such things.
You might know that rice is the primary dietary staple for most of us.
But you will probably be amazed at the fact that it is actually the staple food for half of the population on this planet.
You might know that rice comes in two forms at large - white and brown.
But you may not know that there are over 4000 varieties of rice that are cultivated in different parts of the world.
You may think that rice has been always there.
What would you say if I tell you that the rice is only 5000 years young? These facts are not created to amaze people.
There are good reasons for rice to get so high a position in the lives of human beings.
The primary reason is that rice is nutritional and healthy.
It provides the human body with required nutrients and energy.
Carbohydrates are among the main energy providers contained in the rice.
In addition, it has very low salt, cholesterol and fat content, which is good for the health of the heart.
Do you have ever counted how many methods there are to prepare rice? Have you ever tried any of them? The most popular ways to prepare it for meals in China are rice porridge and boiled rice.
Boiled rice can be automated with rice cookers.
To prepare rice for two, just pour a cup of rice with twice as much water into the cooker and press the cook button.
When the cooker trips off, it's ready to serve.
Don't forget that rice goes with any meal - breakfast, lunch or supper.
It is just something that you will never get bored with.

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