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Advice on Pillar Candles for Weddings

    Unity Candle

    • A pillar candle is the traditional choice for a unity candle, which symbolizes the new family created by the marriage. It is typically flanked by taper candles that represent the bride and groom's families as they exist before the wedding. During the wedding ceremony, use the taper candles to jointly light the unity candle to symbolize the joining of two families into one. Unity candles can be simple or ornately decorated with ribbons, rhinestones and other embellishments to fit the style of the wedding ceremony.

    Table Centerpieces

    • Use plain or embellished pillar candles to create table centerpieces at the reception. Place the pillar candles on candleholders or arrange them on decorative plates or glass mirrors. Using the pillar candle as the main focus of the centerpiece you can add votive candles, flowers or decorative stones as accents. For outdoor weddings, cover the pillar candles with hurricane lamps, glass jars or other glass globes or lanterns to protect them from the elements.

    Flameless Pillar Candles

    • One phenomenon that is sweeping the wedding world is the flameless pillar candle. These battery-operated pillar candles give off enough of a glow to add ambiance to any event, but ensure that wax or fire damage do not play into the equation. Use these pillar candles for centerpieces or decor wherever a flame might be an issue, but do not use them to stand in for the traditional unity candle.

    Scentless Candles

    • Candles have long been burning symbols of romance and used to set the romantic aura of the wedding. Many pillar candles come scented, but scentless candles are a better choice for a wedding. Since scents can bother wedding guests who have allergies or asthma, scentless candles allow you to create the ambiance you're seeking without sending any of your guests to the hospital or irritating their allergies.

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