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I have been reading far too often these days in the media about said governments worldwide saying "We must "help" the Rebels in Libya!"I'll say that again, but, in short,

"Governments helping Rebels?!" (Helping I presume, no I don't presume as this is what is happening in Libya, are things like, supporting, funding, arming etc. As we have seen, heard, in the Libya situation!

I would like to state from the beginning that I do not in any way condone the mass killing of civilians by any government, dictator or any form of leaderism!

The thing that baffles and totally confuses me is the word "Rebels," I will refer to the dictionary to see if it will help me (and the world leaders and media) understand the definition of the said word, whether it be singular or plural!


-belled, -belling, -bels.

To refuse allegiance to and oppose by force an established government or ruling authority.
To resist or defy an authority or a generally accepted convention.
To feel or express strong unwillingness or repugnance: She rebelled at the unwelcome suggestion.

n. rebel (reb'el)

One who rebels or is in rebellion: "He is the perfect recruit for fascist movements: a rebel not a revolutionary, contemptuous yet envious of the rich and involved with them" (Stanley Hoffman).

Rebel A Confederate soldier.

Now that I/we understand the word "rebel" I will continue....... Lets forget about the "rebels" from the streets and cities of Libya for the moment!

I am going to change the scenario and create a "fictional" group of rebels and place them in another country by the use of a world globe that I have in front of me, I will spin it, its spinning........ I have closed my eyes as not to be bias in any shape or form, I will outstretch my arm and place my forefinger on the globe to stop it from spinning, and whatever country it lands on I will place 1000 rebels (whos nationality will be that of whatever country they arrive in!) in the streets of the said capital eyes are shut and my forefinger is making its way towards the globe aided by my arm..... I feel something; I open my eyes to see what country I have placed my forefinger on..... Lo and behold it is the United Kingdom, I think we all know where that is, and I do, especially as thats where I was born......

And I presume that most of you will know that the capital city is London!

Now, let me awake my 1000 "fictional" rebels, (that are now British citizens/rebels who need support, funding, and arms! Now that they are on the streets of London I will split them into two groups of 500 (lets just say that this group of rebels have got there support, have been funded, and given arms by Governments around the world, who think that they need this type of help!

As they (rebels) feel that they are oppressed by the British government due to the high cost of living, even higher taxes, and extremely high fuel prices and ruled by a cunning and Machiavellian leadership, or you could say a placebo democraticgovernment, they are a disgruntled bunch of rebels lets say! I can't really say that they are demonstrating or protesting as they are "REBELS" with arms, funds, and support from the rest of the world leaders who pity them and their cause that they believe is a justifiable one!

Where was I.....mmm, yes, I was splitting them in to 2 groups of 500 and placing them in their strategic position, one group will walk in a "fictional" manner towards the House of Parliament and the other group will "fictionally" sprint the extra distance to NO.10 Downing Street! Now that the groups are in there fictional locations they come across their local unarmed Bobbies (slang for Police Officers) guarding the said locations, they shoot and kill the unarmed "bobbies" because they are in there way and they wish to gain entry to the said premises and remove the governing bodies! These are "rebels" don't forget! They are disgruntled and angry with their government, who have been treating them more like slaves than citizens! So they decided to rebel against the said powers that be!

The panic begins! The Machiavellian government have a cobra (emergency) meeting to discuss the matter in hand, and decide the only option they have is..... Military action!

The Military are called via the governments "bat phone! Now I will speed this fictional story up; the military arrive in droves, tanks and armed jeeps and are speeding toward the said locations and close in on this rebellious bunch and commence shooting, throwing hand grenades, smoke bombs etc. at the rebels. (They don't use mustard gas as they gave that to their "old friend" Saddam Hussein to use abuse and kill the Kurds with!) The armed forces quickly overcome the said group of "rebels" rebellion against their government at the said locations! The media and radio stations aided by the world leaders of other countries condemn this violence and have pity on the said rebels! They announce via the media that if any other citizens wish to become rebels that they will fund, arm and support them in their justifiable cause!

I will end this fictional rebellion story as all the fictional bloodshed is making my stomach churn and making me feel sick at the shear thought......

All I am saying is that "NO government, no matter how powerful and mighty they are should support rebels in any form." Support citizens, yes!"

As previously stated I do not support or condone the mass killing by any government or dictatorship of its citizens!

I am just confused with the term that they used! We must "help, support, and arm the rebels"Even though this is a fictional story of a group of rebels trying to enter the premises of the British Government, and wish to remove them from power, by force, for the said reasons stated above......I am positive that the outcome above would not be far from the truth if that situation arose in the UK, and there would be no support from governments around the world, well, maybe a few dictators and leaders!But I don't wish to make matters worse by naming them!As it may cause another rebellion....... I will end with a quote by Victor Hugo on his idea on the meaning of a murderer: "Kill one person and you are a murderer, kill two, you are a serial killer, kill three, and you are a leader!"

I rest my rebellious case!

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