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This morning it came to my attention that a teacher wrote up a student for talking back to him.
The referral was placed by accident in my teacher mail box.
I was quite taken back by the assessment of the teacher.
His concern was to reprimand rather than to correct and understand the student.
What was more disconcerting to me was that in just the first week of school this teacher had to resort to writing a referral.
It is clear that this teacher is setting himself up for a difficult year.
If you want to prevent sass and disrespect in your classroom start by sitting down with the students and get to know them.
This will do far better everyone.
Above all things do not write up a student unless it is necessary.
There are so many ways that you can work with student, so many.
When you write up a student because of your lack of understanding you will be burning rather than building bridges with that student.
It may take years to repair the damage.
Please think seriously before you consider writing up a student.
What that teacher and all teachers need to know and understand is the mind of the student.
The worst possible thing that any teacher could do is to challenge the students.
Adversarial positions with students, especially inner city students, are a no win situation.
Inner city students like any students are people with feelings and emotions.
Students naturally want to be heard and understood.
To achieve learning and good classroom management the teacher needs to get to know the students and find out where they are coming from.
Take this knowledge and build a bridge of understanding.
This will build up relations between you and the students and that will lead to respect.
Many people, especially teachers, lose sight of the fact that respect is a long term state of affairs and to be effective has to be built slowly.
You have to earn respect.

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