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Did the 2013 Tour de France Live Up to the Live Strong Era?

The 2013 Tour de France was indeed worth the watch on our TV sets here in the US, and judging by the uptick in cyclists out and about during the tour here in the US, obviously it had high-ratings.
Even a friend of mine who owns a local bicycle store noted the increase in sales, service, parts, sports attire and equipment during the running of the 2013 Tour de France.
All good news for the industry, but I have to ask does this compare to the general and over all interest during the Lance Armstrong days of the tour? The announcers of the Tour de France barely mentioned his name during the stages of the race, nor did they mention his records as other riders in 2013 approached them - so obviously there was a concerted effort to distance themselves from the issues and media circus which transpired over five years after Lance's reign with regards to the cheating that went on in the Pelaton during those years of competition.
For me, those years were magical to watch, and I am not going to let those fond memories of watching Lance's Team win all those consecutive victories, yellow jerseys, or the top of the podium in Paris.
One has to ask if European Professional Cycling has turned over a new leaf, and perhaps it has or maybe it hasn't, and yet either way accusations are flying over Chris Frome's victory and amazing effort his team put out.
I am sure he was as clean as they come, and that the drug testing in the sport has increased and is better scrutinized these days.
The black mark on cycling is may not be all that permanent, and it was time for it to come clean, not just Lance's Team, all the teams and the entire sport.
This year Chris Frome deserved to win, his team road their hearts out, and it was fun to watch, still, it wasn't nearly as fun knowing the cancer survivor Lance Armstrong story and watching him compete.
I don't know if I speak for other long-distance cyclists and cycling fans, but I doubt I'll ever feel the exuberating pride and passion as I felt to watch Team Postal with Lance Armstrong win the Tour de France or all those other years they were the winners riding into Paris, France.
Yes, the celebration in Paris at the closing of the event was awesome with all the techno-graphics, electronic fireworks and the like, but still none of it holds a candle to the Live Strong Years, at least not for me.
Please consider all this and think on it.

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