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From the huge variety of promotional gifts available in the market, the ones currently in vogue are promotional keyrings. These miniature promotional items have emerged as the bestsellers because they prove to be useful for any and everyone. Imagine yourself managing without a set of your house or office keys! You just can't do a thing if you loose your precious keys. That is where comes the importance of using keyrings for all your important keys. Their utility factor makes them an all time favourite for the presenters and the presentees both.

There is a huge variety of promotional keyrings available in the market in many shape, design and price variants such as metal keyrings, leather keyrings, keychain lights and plastic keyrings. However, if you have some price constraints, you should certainly go for plastic keyrings as they would even fit a shoe-string budget! These promotional plastic keyrings are available in a huge range of designs some of which are listed below:

Ad Loop Keyrings These plastic loop keyrings are available in a huge range of colour options and provide ample space on the plastic loop for printing your brand name and message in bright colours.

Rollerclip Keyrings These keyrings have a rollerclip mechanism and can be hung in the loop of your jeans. This trendy style makes them a favourite among the young crowd.

Hard Hat Keyrings As the name suggests, these keyrings are in the shape of a hat and can be used by anyone in the construction sector to market their products.

Liquid Aqua Keyrings These keyrings have coloured liquid filled inside them and are available in funky colours.

Acrylic Keyring Bottle Openers These keyrings are doubly useful as they hold all your important keys and also serve as bottle openers for you. Available in many colours with a huge print area, they advertise your company's brand effectively to the users.

Genesis Shaped Keyrings Made from durable plastic that lasts for long, these are available in a wide range of designs such as t-shirts and telephones. These keyrings are available in every colour or hue and can advertise your brand in a funny way.

Digital Clock Keyrings These keyrings have an in-built digital clock and make sensible promotional gifts for your special clients and business associates.

Computer Shaped Acrylic Plastic Keyrings These computer shaped keyrings are attractive advertising tools for the IT sector.

T-shirt Shaped Acrylic Plastic Keyrings These keyrings shaped as a t-shirt serve as great promotional material for sports and leisure clubs.

For more details on some of these funky promotional keyrings, log on to and unlock your customers' and associates' hearts by gifting them with any of these plastic promotional keyrings.

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