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No matter the age of the participants, or the type of party you have, party games add fun to the festivities, and allow guests to become acquainted with each other.
Just be sure the party games are age appropriate, and appropriate for the type party you are planning.
Adult parties can be just as full of fun and festivity as children's parties the party games are just a little different.
For example, a fun game for married couples is "The Not So Newlywed Game.
"In this game, the women are given a questionnaire, and asked to answer questions like, "Where did you and your spouse go on your first date?""What would your wife like better, chocolate or vanilla?" are just silly questions that get plenty of laughs, when the husbands answer.
Another entertaining game for both adults and kids, is the "egg game" Everyone is shown a bowl of eggs, told that all the eggs, except one, are hard boiled.
One egg in the basket, you tell them, is raw.
Each person smashes an egg on their foreheads until someone finds the raw egg.
In reality, there is no raw egg, but the real fun is seeing the last person with the last egg.
Will they break it against their forehead?If they do, they win a prize.
While most games are just really silly, and people think it is difficult to come up with new ideas, the truth is, it is the company you keep that makes the games fun.
It is the laughter shared that makes friendships what they are.
Whether your games are original or just homemade takes on old favorite trivia games, or painted colored circles on sheets of plastic, getting the participants all tangled up trying to stay on the right colors, party games do indeed add life to every party!

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