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Sources of Neem

    Neem Leaf

    • Neem leaves are the most versatile and widely available part of the neem tree. Individuals chew the leaves, make an infusion or encase the dried leaves in capsules that are taken orally to aid in bladder and kidney infections and support the prostate. Neem is said to cleanse the blood of toxins, soothe ulcers, strengthen the immune system and regulate the liver. The neem leaf can also be used to make ointments and poultices for external use on skin disorders and conditions such as eczema, scabies, acne, warts and cold sores.

    Neem Seeds

    • Neem seeds are found within the neem tree's fruit, which closely resembles an olive. Neem oil is made by pressing and expelling the oil from the neem seed. Each seed contains 50 percent oil. Neem oil is very popular among organic gardeners for its nontoxic insecticidal properties. It also has many uses in the cosmetic industry and also contains spermicidal properties.

    Neem Bark

    • The neem tree's bark is the most difficult part of the tree to use. Because of the bark's hard and dry physicalities, the properties contained in neem bark are challenging to extract. The hard work is well worth it for those who rely on the benefits of the tree's bark. The properties eventually extracted is highly concentrated. Neem bark is popular in the dental field because it has proven to be effective for treating gum disease.

    Neem Flowers

    • A flowering neem tree is a sight and scent to behold. Large clusters of white flowers, which are used to make essential oil and honey, embody the tree.The properties contained in neem flowers aid in relieving diarrhea and eliminating intestinal parasites. The essential oil is used in aromatherapy to invoke a sense of peaceful restoration.

    Neem Cake

    • The pulp that is left over after extracting the neem oil from the seed is known as neem cake. It serves as an an excellent food for animals and is also a fertilizer and soil addendum for the garden.

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