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Horse Racing Tipping Service - Shall I Or Shan"t I?

People often ask: "Why do I need a horse racing tipping service when I can study the form on my own".
Most working people can possibly study form a couple of hours a night, but is that honestly enough? In our experience it's not, at least not enough time to win long term.
I did that for years and yes I would strike it lucky once in a while but the majority of years would show a loss.
Following the best horse racing tipping services can work to your advantage.
Yes there are some tipping services that are very poor but the more reputable ones are always worth considering, given, the people who run the the service are much more knowledgeable than the average punter.
Tipsters can spend all day studying form and working out how the race will be run, who is well handicapped and who is the biggest improver in the field, etc.
Many of the punters I know have lost over the years and many of them have no discipline with there betting at all.
I used to watch people in the bookies backing favourites that had no chance of winning because of the going or trip and wondered if they had even studied the form? What a good horse racing tipping service can bring is consistency.
This is simply because they study day in day out and get to know how certain horses run, what the optimum conditions need to be and what is value.
Good understanding of race make-up and effective form reading takes many years to master but is possible for many bettors (if they put their mind to it).

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