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Here Is Why Your Author"s Resource Box Is Important

In internet marketing, traffic to your website means money.
The more targeted the traffic the more money you will make.
The most effective and cheapest way of driving targeted traffic to your website is by writing and submitting articles to ezine publishers and article directories.
The biggest challenge though is that almost all ezine publishers and article directories do not allow direct advertising in the body of your article.
The only place where you are allowed to make reference to your product or website is in the resource box.
Since this is the ONLY element of your article you should use for promotion, it is vital that you create a compelling resource box that invokes a call to action and entices every reader to follow through by clicking on your link.
One way of doing this is by offering a 'free giveaway' that is relevant to the topic or market that your article is focused on.
If you are not sure what you can offer within your resource box, here are a few things we have used successfully: • Free eBook or report • Newsletter or Ezine subscription • Free sample of a paid product • Free Trial Membership When creating your author's resource box, make sure to use anchor text whenever possible.
This will help you rank for specific keyword phrases within the search engines.
While not every article directory permits anchor text within author resource boxes, whenever possible include various keyword phrases pertaining to your market.
You also want to incorporate a strong call to action, directing your reader to click your link and explore your website.
You should also limit the number of links contained within your resource box to only one.
This will give your reader a clear message to click on your link and visit your site, rather than being confused with multiple options.
Keep in mind your overall article should tie in with the website that is being featured within your author's resource box.
Here's a good example you can model after: (Your Name Here) is a successful Internet marketer and niche website publisher who's committed to helping others succeed online by providing the 'tools' necessary to build their own money-making empire.
Grab your 'Internet Marketing Monthly' newsletter and FREE bonus strategy guide, available for a limited time only, by clicking here now: "http://www.
Finally, links in your resource box must be tested before submitting the article for publishing.
All your efforts will be wasted if the link you want your prospects to click is not working.

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