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To Be A Pro Clown In Today"s Market You Have To Be A Triple Threat: Part 1 Of 3

The Triple Threat consists of 3 very important elements: - Clowning Ability - Skills - A Goocher In this article we will examine the first of the three.
Clowning Ability - The pro clown must be able to write gags, produce walk arounds, perform a show and master the meet & greet.
These four areas of clowning are important in setting yourself away from the pack.
Gag writing consists of developing a story that has a beginning, middle and an end or blow off.
The beginning is usually the setup or getting an introduction to the characters in the gag.
The middle is the business, the slaps and falls, the hits and takes, the meat of the gag.
The end which in the business is called the blow off is where all of the funny stuff comes to erupt in one big bang, or a final trick that signifies the gag is over.
Walk arounds are sight gags.
They are big and flashy and need no explanation.
They can be a play on words, a pun, or something implied.
They should be portable and need minimal set up.
These are great for parades and transitions in a show.
Very quick and easy.
Do not over think these.
The Show is the best tool you can have in your arsenal.
To be able to perform a solo piece consisting of 5-8 acts or gags and is about 30-45 minutes in length will solidify your position as a pro clown.
Having this much material takes time and consistent gag development.
It is perfectly okay to pad out your show using some of the classic gags seen before, just make sure you make them your own.
No one likes a thief but everything has been done before so just tweak it and make it personal.
Meet & Greets are so unbelievably important to being a pro clown.
If I had realized the potential power of meet & greets when I first started there is no doubt that I could have edged 5 years of learning curve out of my clown career.
This is your opportunity to get up close and personal with your audience.
It is your time to shine and make memories.
It also is a great chance for networking, people will find you approachable because you are on their level.
Do not waste these opportunities! To make the most out of each and every performance you have to think like a clown and a marketer.
The ability to clown and effectively grow your business starts with these elements.
Use them, improve them, and you will profit from them!

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