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What Does the Error 0XE8000001 Mean on iTunes?

    Reinstall iTunes

    • Open iTunes. Click on the "Help" menu. In the "Help" search bar type "check for updates." Click on "check for updates" menu item. iTunes will then (with an active Internet connection) automatically check to ensure the most current version of iTunes is installed on the computer. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete an update if necessary. If the current version is installed, click "OK."

    Remove and Reinstall iTunes

    • Completing a backup before making changes to a program is always recommended. Copy the "My Music" folder to a backup device. Right click on the "My Music" folder. Select "Copy." Click on the backup drive. (The backup drive may appear on the desktop of the computer or under the "My Computer" option on the "Start Menu.") Right click on the backup drive icon and select "Paste." If the music folder is large, this will take a bit of time. The iTunes library is stored in the "My Music" folder on the computer. Removing iTunes should not affect the library, but do the backup to be sure.) Remove iTunes and re-install it.

    Empty the Temp Directory and Restart

    • Open the "Computer" icon on the start menu. Open "Local Disk C." Click on "Users." Click on the applicable "User" name. Open the "Application Data" folder if it is visible. If the "Application Data" folder is not visible, open the "Organize" menu and click "Folder options." Select "Show Hidden Files," click "OK." Double Click "Application Data." Close the "Organize" menu. Double click "Local." Right-click the "Temp Folder." Select "Delete." Confirm that choice if necessary and restart the computer.

    Update Security Software

    • Security software may prevent a computer from identifying the iPod. Click on the "My Computer" option. Check and see if the computer is recognizing the iPod as a mass storage device. If it is not visible, turn the security software off and try reconnecting the iPod.

    Delete Damaged Registry Keys

    • If the registry keys for a mass storage device are damaged, they may need to be reset. Refer to the Microsoft Knowledge Base to learn how to repair the registry keys for the applicable version of Windows.

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