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Tips for Decorating a Living Room

It's a simple fact that in many of today's brand new home builds, either your living room area or family area will be a smaller sized room. There are numerous things that could be undertaken to help visually enlarge smaller sized spaces. You will find new ways to use darker colours and larger scale household furniture in smaller areas, but their successful use requires a trained eye. If you want to beautify a small room with confidence the following ideas are very easily applied.

1. Pick light furniture with simple lines

There is only one thing I would change within this room. With everything else so light, I see the darker wood of the table somewhat harsh. Something lighter would be more cohesive.

Pick home furniture first and search for pieces which are light in colour and have legs. Lighter colours occupy much less visual weight and legs give an unblocked view of the floor, giving the space to appear a lot more open. Coffee and end tables in metal and glass likewise allow the eye to move via the pieces taking in little visual space although dark wood home furniture offers the opposite effect. The cow hide ottoman above is effective because it is generally light and has excellent legs. It also serves to connect the tones of the wood pieces in the room.

2. Choose a lighter colour scheme

Neutral colours combined with lighter shades of blue and green deliver the results effectively in a modest living space. Cooler colours diminish therefore providing the impression of a larger area. Use hints of brighter colors in accent rugs or pillows. The golden accents above warm up this area. Small spaces work best having a three-color (or significantly less) palette as in the area above.

If you really like texture take into account using a monochromatic scheme. Bare wood floors in lighter wood tones add to a clean, flowing feeling. Dark floors have the opposite impact. Sadly the present trend for darker floors usually causes many challenges like closing in a space. The dark mirrors at the end of this space enlarge it. Which leads me to...

3. Highlight vertical lines

We often overlook that a room contains a vertical axis. Add things to the space to really encourage your eyes to move upward from the furniture. Floor lamps, big vases with tall twigs, full length curtains, very long mirrors, vertical paintings or stacked paintings, mantles, tables with multi- layered arrangements and so on are doable options.Have you notice the large mirror on the end wall?

4. Match up the furniture to the scale of the space

If your area is little, choose smaller scale furniture. Armless chairs, apartment size sofas, small sectional and so on is likely to make the room appear more spacious. Take into consideration a bench instead of a conventional coffee table or perhaps a glass or lucite. Do not get carried away with this and end up with clutter by using so many small items.

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