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How to Treat a Goat's Sore Mouth

    • 1). Apply 3% iodine solution onto the lesions in the goat's mouth. Use the dropper of the iodine bottle to drop the solution onto the lesions. Try to avoid breaking off any scabs that have formed, as this will slow down the healing process as well as make the infection more contagious.

    • 2). Monitor the goat's intake of food and water to make sure it is not reduced during the sore mouth period. Add soft, easy-to-chew foods to the goat's diet to help it keep food intake at a proper rate.

    • 3). Apply an antiseptic solution to the udders of the goat to prevent the virus from spreading onto your hands when you milk it.

    • 4). Spread an antibiotic topical cream onto the mouth lesions. If the soreness reaches a secondary infection where the sore part of the mouth has new wounds, administer a systemic antibiotic from your vet.

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