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Managing Conflict to Get Back Your Ex Girlfriend

Relationships are not better if it is not tested.
That is the reason why conflicts are around.
But when conflicts are the main reasons for break ups, perhaps, it is time to check how did this conflict started and make up yourself to win back your ex girlfriend.
For most people, conflicts are usually the end of the story.
Instead of fighting back and facing the conflicts itself, most people tend not to and get back one step behind getting back their ex girlfriend.
Maybe some people do not know about conflict that is why they tend not to face it.
The sad thing about not doing anything on the conflict is that one missed to rescue a beautiful relationship which gone awry thanks to a misunderstanding or certain disagreements.
  Oftentimes, if conflicts are not that serious enough, most people can get over it.
  But sometimes, even simple conflicts can be amplified into something big.
The Anatomy Of Conflict Knowing the anatomy of conflict can help you find a way to get back your ex girlfriend.
Imagine those moments you have shared with each other and all those things which you have been through and here goes one conflict that ruins it all.
If both of you cannot understand what conflict is, chances are, you will be facing the same ones in other relationship.
The Main Issue A conflict usually has a main issue.
  This is where all things revolve.
  This is where all your emotions and behaviors root upon.
  By knowing the very reason of the conflict, you can ultimately understand and comprehend how the other parts of conflicts came into being.
If you want to get even with her and bring her back into her arms, always check the main issue.
  In this way, you are hitting one target towards getting your girlfriend back.
  Always have the nose towards the main issue of the conflict.
  It is like hitting the bull's eye! Interpretation When you say there is an issue, perhaps there is an interpretation.
  Issues are stimulus and interpretations are a part of the reaction or the internal mental reaction.
There are also some other reactions like the external behavior and emotion which is also another form of internal reaction.
  Interpretations are the stimulus of some other actions your girlfriend will have when there is a conflict.
  Try to find out how she interpreted the situation and be able to let her understand it.
  In this way, you might just be misinterpreted by her that is why you have to take an effort to get her back to your arms.
The Reaction These are the evident manifestations of the feelings out of the interpretation.
  Reactions are the product of the issue and at the same time the interpretation.
  It is here where people tend to stop and leave the other party alone.
If the reaction is sudden outburst of feeling, always check if there are still some residues of it.
  It is very hard for people who have been going through those kind of situation to just forget everything.
  In order to win back your ex girlfriend who has gone to this situation, it is best to take some time and let her recover from it.
  Then, slowly established yourself and let her realize the anatomy of conflict.
With less emotion, you can no start to retrace your conflict and get back your ex girlfriend.

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