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If you think you are having a hard time strategizing your insurance marketing, then you are not alone.
That is one of the main reasons why some marketing strategies do not work.
Some insurance agents simply copy what they see other agents doing, and soon everyone is using the same marketing strategy, which only confuses the customers.
Originality becomes diluted, leaving nothing new to generate leads.
If this is already happening in the insurance industry then what you need to do is reinvent your service.
Add something or invent a name for the things you usually do.
For example, if you have a quarterly audit review of the service offered by your affiliates, checking up on the service offered by those connected to the insurance business is normal.
However, extending that knowledge to your clients is an extra plus point for you.
Create a newsletter.
Input success stories and pictures and get the customers involved.
The idea is getting your customers excited and letting them enjoy being part of the company.
Include the latest news and interesting topics that are not necessarily insurance material.
You may ask, "What's the point?" The point is you will keep people interested, and once they are hooked, start slipping those referral sheets in your newsletter.
People are bound to talk about things they find amusing and interesting, and this is one cheap advertising method for you.
Create a goal after you've made a sincere effort at each of these approaches.
Write it down and place it where you'll see everyday.
You will be surprise how well your subconscious works to achieve these goals you have written down.
The next thing you know, you will be able to ask your clients for referrals.
Naturally, this can take place only after you have created a good rapport with them.
You will also be surprised how many people come through for you.

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