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Learn To Play World Of Warcraft

Things like how to move around in the game and how to fight are relatively easy things to learn.
The more confusing thing for new players is where to go and what to do once you get into the game.
One of the things we did when my 12 year old decided he would like to try playing the game after watching me for awhile was to get one of the new software add-ons that would make it easier for him to learn to play World Of Warcraft.
Actually I had the add-on on another account because I use it to power level WoW characters but it is such a nice program in the way it directs you where to go and what to do at each level for your particular character that I figured it would be great for him to learn to play World Of Warcraft.
There are a couple of these new add-on programs out there and what I like about them is how easy they install and that you can set them up to actually provide a cursor above or below your character that directs you to your destination for that particular level and character.
They also show you the tasks you need to perform to optimize and expedite your leveling experience.
It has worked well for my son and while he may be missing some of the side things you discover as a new player that kind of wanders around, I believe he is enjoying the game more because he is able to gain his levels.
Let's face it the game is much more fun at higher levels and he can always go back and wander around whenever he feels like it.
The important thing is that he is able to learn to play World Of Warcraft and then do whatever he would like to do within the game.

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