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Classes Needed to Be a Lead Preschool Teacher

    Child Development

    • Prospective lead preschool teachers need child development classes. Those interested in becoming preschool teachers should understand the social, emotional, cognitive and educational development of infants, toddlers, preschoolers and early elementary students. The goal of early educators is to promote optimal development through play and substantive learning activities. Therefore, it is necessary to understand child development principles.

    Language Development

    • Classes needed to become a preschool teacher include language development. Those interested in preparing for a career as a preschool teacher should learn ways to enhance speech skills. According to " Speech development should provide opportunities for young children to be exposed to and use various styles and forms of language."

    Early Literacy Development

    • Early literacy development classes are a requirement for would-be lead preschool teachers. Learning how to plan age-appropriate lessons in reading can help students develop effective literacy skills.

    Gross Motor Skill Development

    • People interested in becoming early educators should understand motor skill development in infants, toddlers and preschoolers and learn ways to work on these skills. According to, "Without reasonable gross motor skills, children often struggle with the fine motor skills that are required for formal school work." Therefore, it is important that lead preschool teachers incorporate into their lessons activities that promote gross motor skills.

    Lesson Planning

    • Lesson planning is an essential class for prospective preschool teachers. Early educators must learn how to plan age-appropriate activities for young children. Lesson plans are based on child development and educational principles, as well as government regulations.

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