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Healing After an Abortion

Healing After An Abortion

After a person decides to have an abortion, their life is never the same. When someone realizes either two weeks or ten years later that they have taken a life, it can be emotionally devastating.

But if you gaze into the eyes of grace of the Lord Jesus Christ complete healing and forgiveness is available.

Healing after an abortion is necessary for both men and women. The consequences of an abortion can be emotionally horrific .  But the consequences of the cross work of the Lord Jesus Christ has even more power.  Healing and forgiveness is available to every person who calls upon him.  He is faithful and just and will forgive any sin anyone asks him to forgive. And even better he has the power to completely remove all guilt associated with that sin.

The pain after having an abortion is very real, and it’s called post abortion syndrome. It can lead to severe depression, substance abuse/addiction, and even suicide.

First you must accept the full forgiveness of the Lord Jesus Christ and this can be challenging for some people.  Don’t think for a second that your mistakes and your sin is too big for the God of the entire universe, because they are not. Second, forgive yourself or it will prevent your healing. Then renounce any guilt you still have in the name of Jesus and tell it to go back to Hell where it came from.

Don’t forget to find a Christian friend who will not condemn you, but will listen to you in confidence to support you during this time of suffering. Secular counsel will help for some time, but only the Lord Jesus Christ can provide complete healing and freedom. That is why he came - to set the captives free. Jesus loves you with oceans and oceans of love, and his love is powerful enough to melt away anything you are going through if you call upon him.

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