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How to Get the Best Airfare Prices

    • 1). Compare airfare prices on different airlines that have routes to your destination. Use travel sites, such as Expedia and Travelocity, to compare prices on several different flights in one search. Also check airline websites because sometimes the price offered on the airline's website is a little less expensive than the price on a travel site.

    • 2). Stop procrastinating. Waiting until the last minute to purchase tickets could result in a drastic price increase. Instead, start shopping four to five months prior to your departure date. This is when airlines typically advertise their lowest prices.

    • 3). Travel off season. If your dates are flexible, consider traveling to your destination when it isn't busy. Traveling to any destination during its peak season means paying higher airfare prices and higher hotel and rental car prices, all of which drop dramatically during the off season.

    • 4). Fly on Wednesday. If your dates are flexible, choose to depart on a Wednesday because it is the least expensive day to fly.

    • 5). Travel flexibly. Airline prices are less expensive on certain days. Try changing your dates one or two days to see if the price of your airfare drops.

    • 6). Compare prices at different airports. Most major cities have more than one airport, and, oftentimes, it's less expensive to fly into or out of one airport than others.

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