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Why Google Starts With a Go

Encyclopedias say that Larry Page and Sergey Brin saw that their search engine needed a new name.
The name was going to be Googol until at one time someone misspelled it as Google.
It looked much better, so Google was their final choice.
So is it a play on the word 'googol', which is the mathematical term: Ten to the power of one hundred? (10^100=Ten followed by hundred zeros).
Probably yes but what was the synchronicity hidden behind that choice? We agree however this name is a marvelous and brilliant choice for such a company with the mission: "to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful" and we would like to share some thanks by linking here a deep Top Notch Analysis.
Google starts with go because G and O are the first two letters of the word GOD.
How do we know that? I'll tell you right away.
God and go are two words that are coming out from the same root.
Let's prove this to you.
The word God derives by the ancient Greek verb "theo" that is perpetually moving without interruption to the progress and advancement.
If we interpret "Theo" in English it means I am going as an individuality which is as stable orientation without interrupting the progress and advancement.
Are you aware of it? We open an ancient Greek language lexicon and we search for God, so we see that God is the word "Theos", while the gods are called "Theoi".
The word "Theos" is derived from the verb "theo" which has the meaning of something that it's in a state of a perpetual motion.
The archaic Greek verb "theo", which is the root of "Theos" or God, means run or go nonstop.
If we try to simplify the meaning of the verb "theo" we can translate it as go.
Isn't it a wonderful surprise? So if God himself is in Google how it could be evil? No one needs Arianne's string to help him find the exit out of the Labyrinth of this cipher.
It's simple and it's about the right keywords.
If we shall give you the key shouldn't you have to find some ad words? It's also about adding some sense but let's proceed to the key of this great cipher code.
Please let me tell you again: It goes "GO" that it's just go and then we have again another go in reverse, which is seen as "OG".
Imagine two go's that they are going to meet each other and they are forming "GOOG" and so we have two letters left, L and E and those two we think they are the key of the riddle.
It doesn't make a difference if you use the key as "LE" or "EL".
If it's not the LE you put the other side and it should be the EL.
The key works even when you turn it upside down.
It wouldn't be fun to reveal immediately the meaning of those two letters, L and E.
There is an idea about it but this is not based on any proof and how could we know secrets that even the core insiders might not know? It's a theory.
It's not real since if it was real it would have been known already.
Well maybe you just discovered the truth.
We have a go and go but they are not going straight like running at a race, they are more like coming back to meet each other and they are also interconnected.
On top of them is L.
, and then it's E.
When you spell the word you shall see that Go starts from the back of your throat and it rises to your tongue's backside and then your tongue makes a wave touching the roof of your mouth and it forms the whole word.
You can imagine affiliate armies that they are on the opposite tops of some mountain sides and they are going to compete at the valley.
There goes Super Panda and beats some of them back to every direction.
Some feel the comedy while others live the drama.
Only the best conquer the net and come up on a safe shore with the prize of perfect SEO and conversion.
Repeat is the mother of learning.
So go goes forth and back and while it searches you feel the L on your tongue and you say Google.
Feel the Lambda sounding out of your head's amplifier, but don't forget E.
This last letter of the word is the most wanted.
Let's say that Epsilon stands for Energy, while Lambda stands for Light.
Think about it for a moment...
ok, let's move! Go and go with Light Energy.

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