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Ideas for Decorating a Bedroom With Dallas Cowboys Football


    • Start your Dallas Cowboys bedroom with the walls. The team colors are gray and blue, so paint the walls in one of the colors and the trim in another. The logo for the Cowboys includes a star, so paint a large star on one of the walls. You could also use the star on an accent wall -- paint one wall deep blue and then paint a large star onto it. Leave the rest of the walls gray. Alternatively, simply bring the theme to the walls by choosing a Dallas Cowboys border.


    • Continue the theme of your Dallas Cowboys bedroom with the flooring. Choose a rug that looks like a football, or purchase a Dallas Cowboys rug from a Cowboys' paraphernalia store or online. If you want to make a big football statement, install green carpeting that looks like the fake turf that many stadiums use. If you have hardwood floors, paint them with white lines so that the room looks like a football field.


    • Tie in the bedding with the Dallas Cowboys theme. Go with gray sheets and a deep blue bedspread if you are looking for something simple. For more impact, choose sheets and a blanket with the Dallas Cowboys logo on it from a licensed Cowboys store. Don't forget the curtains. Choose gray or blue curtains, curtains with the Dallas Cowboys logo on them or simply a set of curtains with footballs on them.


    • Accessories can help pull the Dallas Cowboys-themed bedroom together. Find posters or large pictures of your son's favorite Dallas Cowboys players, the stadium or the cheerleaders, frame them and hang them on the wall. Choose a lamp for the bedside table that has a football-themed shade or base. Place Cowboys helmets and footballs on shelves in the room.

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