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Why You Need a Website? An Answer by Logo Design Maker

Every business executive today needs a website because this is the only way in which he can promote himself on the internet, get work and become popular online.
Many services available tell how you can make a website yourself and then there are websites that help in making websites. In this article, I will be telling why you need a website or why your website is old and why you need a new one.
1. You are a business executive:
If you are a business executive, then you are in for a website. You want your presence to be felt online and what will be the best way but to use the services on the internet. You can do that by making a website and just using some SEO to optimize your search engine and then you are set to go.
2. You are a freelancer:
If you do all your freelancing through internet and get all the projects online then you also need a website. Because sites like Elance and freelancers are not given major projects if they don't have a portfolio on their own website. Because if a freelancer can't make his own website how will he be able to make a website for his client (food for thought).
3. You are an entrepreneur:
Well in that case, as you are an entrepreneur you will not need a website but a blog for yourself and a website for your company. How else will you tell the world that you are an organizer of a company and how will you give your friends that look (look, I am the boss).
4. You are an organization:
Well if you are an organization (NGO or Governmental), you still need a website. Today there are many organizations, some are funded some are not funded and if you need to tell people that you are an NGO and you need funds you will first need a website lads. If you do not have a website, it marks a very bad impression on the people.
5. You are an individual:
Well, you are an individual€¦ I see, no regrets you are one of the 7 billion people, so welcome to the world. But you said you are looking to have a website in that case let's jot you down to 10 million people who are having their own website and you are one of them.
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