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How to Read Men"s Body Language to Know If He"s Interested in You

Women everywhere know that if a guy likes them, there will be signs.
But, what most women don't know is how to know if a guy is interested in her.
Although there are many ways to find out, there is a single way that stands apart from others - reading his body language.
Body language is exactly what it sounds like; the language your body speaks.
According to Wikipedia, body language a term used to refer to the movements your body makes, intentional and unintentional, instead of verbal communication to show your feeling.
Most of the movements our bodies make are based on reflexes and impulses.
These movements are different for each and every individual.
But, you can make an educated guess and know how to read men's body language to know if he's interested in you.
1) His Face This is the most important part of the body.
Usually, the face is the first to show emotions than any other part of you.
If a guy is interested in you, in most cases, he'll be nervous and shy.
These are the emotions his body will convey and you can learn on how to interpret his emotions by just watching his face.
First, is he facing you directly? If he is, then he's assured and confident in talking to you.
In that case, if he's interested in you, he's pretty sure that he can woo you.
If he's looking somewhere else when talking to you, that can be translated in several ways.
He could be really nervous and that means he lacks self-confidence in talking to you.
That shows he's interested in you.
Or, he could be insincere in his intentions.
No eye contact in a conversation can denote that he is lying, especially if his whole face is looking elsewhere.
A man interested in you will have his whole body facing yours during conversation.
If he's confident, then he'll be making eye contact and will watch your mouth to listen carefully to the words you're saying.
If he's not self-assured, he'll be looking away when you speak to him, but will not change his position.
That means he's interested but unsure on how to start his attempts.
2) His Hands Sometimes, guys can really keep an expressionless face.
So, checking his face for emotions can't work here.
So, how to read men's body language to know if he's interested in you? His face can't give you clues; so move on to the next best thing - his hands.
Hands are a great indicator of how we feel about something or somebody.
If you keep checking your watch and tapping your finger; that means you're bored.
If you keep touching you face, especially your nose; then you're lying.
If you stroke your chin, you're passing judgment.
In short, a man's hands can tell you a lot of things.
Too find out if a man is attracted to you, try talking to him and observe his hands.
Ask him certain questions to see if his hands will correlate with his words.
If he's touching his face when he's talking to you, he might be lying or not speaking the whole truth.
If he keeps scratching his head and hair, it means he's feeling doubt over his answers to your questions.
If he keeps tugging at his collar or wiping his sweaty hands on his clothes, he is uncomfortable talking to you.
3) His Posture His stance is the easiest way in knowing how to read men's body language to know if he is interested in you.
If he got his hands on his hips, he feels superior to you.
You wouldn't want a guy like that, even if he's interested in you.
If his shoulders are slouched and sluggish, then he has low self-esteem.
The prime example of one's body expressing one's feelings is if he's leaning towards you.
That means he has a certain inclination towards you and wants to get intimate.
If he is leaning away, then you have got the wrong man.
As said before, everyone's body has different ways to express themselves.
You cannot take for granted that a particular action shows a specific feeling.
You just have to know his character well and be patient.

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