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The Success Of Australia New Skillselect Visa Application Process

The success of Australia new Skillselect visa application process is pretty much an outcome of how the Department of Immigration and Citizenship applies the change. The Department finds Skillselect as the way ahead to promote Australia as the breeding ground for the overseas talents. The objective with the Skillselect program is to attract the skilled talent to migrate to Australia and contribute to the economic development. The Skillselect Visa Application Process starts with a submission of the EOI Expression of Intent on behalf of the migrating candidate. The individual needs to submit the key details that summarise his academic achievements, professional experience and the key skills acquired over time. The declaration also includes certain other trivial details about the age, family and similar other demographic details.

Further to the EOI, the candidates need to specify the preferred option out of the available options in the Skilled Occupation List. While making the said choice, the candidate should make sure that the preferred occupation matches well to his professional experience and the academic qualification. This becomes very critical during the assessment phase where the governing body does a thorough analysis of the compatibility of the declared qualifications to the preferred occupation. In Australia new Skillselect visa application process makes it mandatory for the candidate to take the proficiency test with the English language. The Department of Immigration and Citizenship has made it very important for each of the aspiring candidate to take the test even if he or she hails from a English speaking nation. The Skillselect visa application process also makes it necessary for the candidate to comply with all the necessary visa requirements. Post the assessment phase the Skillselect will send an invitation for the candidates subject to the pass marks and the ranking attained.

The success of Australia new Skillselect visa application process lies in the fact that the methodology facilitates an open discussion among the employers and the eligible candidates to discuss the employment prospects. The employers and the state representatives are availed the list of candidates that match the eligibility requirements. The employers do find the processed list a ready made solution to their HR requirements as the most qualified and the most befitting candidates feature in the list. Employers are free to make contact with the candidates and discuss in detail the formalities associated.

The visa application process also makes it very necessary for the migrants to comply with the visa requirements as part of the migration process. The consent of the governing authorities must be obtained over the pre-assessment skills check. The consent along with the proficiency report over English language should be submitted to the authorities within a time span of 60 days. Skillselect keeps record of all the applicants who have applied for the visa for a period of two years and the candidates should therefore keep updating their candidature within the said period. The Skillselect remains accessible online for the intending candidates to be aware of the formalities associated with the migration process.

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