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Simple Ways to Be Romantic

Romance is a state of mind.
If you have the right mindset, you can make cleaning the bathroom or the garage romantic; if you have the wrong mindset, you can turn a candlelit dinner in a war zone.
So mind set is important for romancing.
Romance is also about the small things.
It is not the big and extravagant gestures.
Tiny gestures are much more powerful and sincere.
These tiny signals make daily life special especially for your lover.
In addition to romance, there are two kinds: Mandatory romance and Discretionary romance.
Mandatory romance is celebrating birthdays, getting a gift for Christmas or Valentine's Day.
Discretionary romance is making little surprises, candlelit dinners, weekend get-aways, sending cards, escaping from the kids, massages, surprise dates, walks on the beach, exercising together, love letters and so on.
To maintain a romantic relationship, it is highly recommended to incorporate these two types of romances.
Romance is also about listening.
Listening is one of the most important communication tips in any relationship.
Not just listening with your ears, but really listening with your heart is very romantic.
Too many couples don't listen to each other and this causes strain in the relationship.
So the next time your lover wants to talk about how their day went at work - just listen! With these tips on romance, the sparks will always keep firing in any relationship.
Moreover, your lover will always stay and not run away.
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