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Global Search Engine Optimization Vs Local Search Engine Optimization

Local search engine optimization is also billed as 'local marketing' because it aims at improving marketing in a given locale.
On the other hand, global SEO is called as 'global marketing' because in this case the SEO strategies are designed to enhance marketing at international, national and local levels.
Thus, local SEO aims to attract more business from local customers whereas global SEO seeks to draw customers not only from the given locale, but also from the entire world.
Both local search engine optimization and global SEO rely heavily on keywords and IP addresses to attract website traffic.
However, keywords and IP addresses are a notch more essential in local SEO because in this case these are used to identify the locality of the search.
In case of global SEO using keywords or IP addresses to identify the locale might become slightly confusing especially when the same place name exists in two different countries.
In other words, keywords and IP addresses are very useful in local search engine optimization, but might become a hindrance with SEO at the global level.
Another point of difference between global and local search engine optimization is that when SEO seeks to target mobile phone users, targeting customers at an international level becomes more useful.
This is because, there many locales around the world such as Africa and Latin America where mobiles are used preferably as a means of communication rather than as an internet tool.
One key difference between global and local search engine optimization is the language used.
This is because language affects culture that in turn influences the way searches are made, keywords are used etc.
At an international level, link building methods might become more complicated owing to language and cultural discrepancies whereas such problems are not faced during local SEO.
On the whole, the bottom-line is that today local business are finding themselves to be very profitable with a niche of local customers, so much so that they do not feel the need to go global.
In such a scenario, local search engine optimization is the key to improving local business.
In fact, today the adage is that to go global, first you must go local.
Thus, optimize your website using local SEO first to make its presence felt strongly on the internet and using this as a stepping stone optimize the website using global SEO to reach out to a wider set of customers.

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