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Wall-E and the Lessons for Mankind

Wall-E's job for hundreds of years has been to clean up the garbage left by an uncaring mankind who languishes aboard the spaceship Axiom, waiting for the day when plant life returns to make the Earth inhabitable. Wall-E busies himself with crushing trash into cubes and stores it into skyscrapers of garbage.

Wall-E may only be one of many animations produced by Disney, but it is different in its relevance to today's society. There are three remarkable correlations in the movie that act like a signal that we, like those people in the movie, are headed in the same direction, quickly making our world inhabitable.

Through the years we have effectively polluted the land, water, air supply and even the food we eat. Our landfills are fast filling up with garbage with no other place to put it. Of course the last vestige of humanity aboard the Axiom haven't learned about conservation as they continue to get rid of trash, this time into the depths of space. But they can hardly be blames since their every need is cared for by machines. We too rely on machines to save time and become more efficient. Unfortunately, our reliance on those machines have isolated us from one another, rather than brought everyone together.

Obesity is an epidemic, just as much as it is aboard the Axiom. Machines service every need of humanity, everything cared for, making standing and walking useless activities. Those aboard the Axiom learn to relax in comfort riding in hoverchairs from morning to night. No less today as we spend most of our days sitting or lying down without paying much attention to the need for exercise. Fully 60% of Americans are overweight or obese and it is estimated that the average person takes no more than 2000 steps during the day. The only thing needed is the invention of the hoverchairs to make life one of ease and comfort.

Rampant commercialism is what you find aboard the Axiom. Big and Large is the mega corporation of Wall-E's time. From the mile-long strip mall to the Axiom, everything is big and fat. Health and safety has given away to profit. That's an accurate assessment of today's time. Commercialism today is big business. From the bombardment in the newspapers, T.V, and even messages left on our cell phones, we see ads that tell us that we can't be happy unless we whip out a credit card and buy what we don't need.

Profits and not health is the concern of Big Pharma as it tries to cram its poisonous drugs down the collective throat while reaching for everyone's pocketbook. The food industry produces food of sub-par quality. Highly refined with sugar, fat and high carbohydrates is what most people swallow without realizing the dangers that an improper diet has on the quality of health. While the movie doesn't show the people aboard the Axiom dying from heart disease, cancer and diabetes, it's a likely and regular occurrence. Just like the people aboard the Axiom we have learned to accept our lifestyle as the course of evolution.

Even business and government today have become corrupt. While the people rush to make as much money as possible to the detriment of their health and the danger to their relationships, society is on the decline. Unfortunately, today we don't have the luxury of a great spaceliner to escape to when the Earth grows its last vegetable.

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