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Why Women Love the Nice Guy

The whole nice guys finish last is bull.
I believe that this cliche supposes an incorrect understanding of what it means to be a "nice guy.
" Being a nice guy does not mean being a wimp.
It does not mean constantly showering a woman with compliments and sending her roses on the anniversary of your very first date (I think I just threw up a little).
It does not mean that you have an endless supply of patience for her childish tantrums.
It does not mean that you always agree with her.
It does not mean you put her on a pedestal above you.
These are the things that people mistake as traits of "the nice guy," when in fact these are traits of a wimp.
And wimps finish last because wimpy is not attractive! Think for a moment about a guy that you know whom you admire, respect, and think is "nice.
" Is he a wimp? I'm certain he isn't because we don't admire and respect wimps.
Nice guys whom we also respect and admire have some pretty obvious and common traits.
First and foremost, they respect themselves.
They do not allow others to walk all over them.
They expect others to treat them kindly, and in turn, they treat others kindly.
They are confident and considerate.
They hold their own opinions, yet respect other people's right to their own opinions as well.
And I'm here to tell you that there is nothing more attractive to a woman than all of the above! I believe that the single most attractive quality in a man is his sense of personal confidence.
And only truly nice guys are truly confident.
Big bullies are not confident.
They may look like it on the surface, but we all know the reason for the jerk attitude - a true lack of confidence.
Now, I can't deny that "bad boys" do seem to get their share of women, but it's about quality, not quantity.
We've all seen a beautiful girl go for one of those "bad boys," and it leaves us wanting to tell her how much better she can do than that creep.
But can she really? She's with him after all, right? There has got to be something lacking in her in order for her to be attracted to a guy who won't treat her kindly, or who has an unacceptably short temper, or whatever his problem is that she seems to find irresistible.
Nice girls like nice guys.
And that's all there is to it.
So remember that when you're out there on the dating scene.
Be proud of being a nice guy, and do it with absolute confidence.
And when you meet one of these women that pass you by for a "bad boy," know that you just dodged a bullet.

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