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Quick Exercise to Get Over an Ex

The biggest way to get over an ex is by falling out of love with that person.
A person falls out of love when there are too many negative experiences and mistakes made by the other person.
A mistake can be forgiven but when they are too great in numbers and in a short period of time love and attraction will fade very quickly.
Unfortunately, many times after a relationship ends we tend to get tunnel vision and only see the good times we had while ignoring why the relationship ended in the first place.
We create this fairy tale fantasy that gets exaggerated over time.
This image can be quite difficult to let go of.
Getting over an ex might take weeks or months.
These exercises are designed to help speed up the process.
Think of your ex that you no longer wish to be in love with 2.
Make a movie of all the good and happy times you spent with that person.
Enter those memories and experience them as if they are happening right now.
Take those memories and make the image very small and off into the distance.
Then imagine them running backwards from the last good memory you had to the first time you met them 3.
Now imagine all the bad times you had with them (write them down if you need to).
Remember all the negatives feelings you had and feel it as if it was happening now.
Step into those memories and see it through in first person.
Remember all the anger, disgust, disappointment you felt for them and how it felt being around them.
Take all of those memories and play them back to back as if you were watching a movie.
Repeat this step over and over until you get sick of them.
Imagine a future where you are free of them and happy to move on with your life Take care Alex

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