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A Peruvian dish, ceviche is a popular dish in Puerto Rico, and makes for a pleasant, refreshing and tangy alternative to heavy 'Rican foods.

Ceviche has been around for as long as the Incas. It's a simple dish: fresh chopped raw fish, mixed with peppers and lime. The lime marinates and "cooks" the fish. Normally, I wouldn't put ceviche on this list, but it's popular, and it is such a perfectly suited dish for this warm, tropical climate, that I had to include it. Plus, it allows me to list one of my favorite restaurants on the island.

Three Places to Get It

  • Aguaviva, one of the best restaurants in Puerto Rico, has a great selection of creative ceviches.
  • Ceviche House in Isla Verde for the classic Peruvian version (787-726-0919).
  • Amadeus in Old San Juan is a swanky eatery with a great mahi-mahi ceviche.

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