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How to Forward or Redirect Outlook 2007 Mail to Gmail

    • 1). Open the "Tools" menu at the top of the Outlook 2007 window, then select "Rules and Alerts."

    • 2). Click the "New Rule" button.

    • 3). Click "Check messages when they arrive" in the "Blank Rule" section of the window. Click "Next."

    • 4). Click "Next." Outlook 2007 displays a prompt asking you if you want the rule to apply to every message that you receive. Click "Yes."

    • 5). Click the "Forward it to people or distribution list" checkbox.

    • 6). Click the "People or distribution list" link at the bottom of the window.

    • 7). Click the "To" field at the bottom of the window, and type your Gmail address.

    • 8). Click "Ok," then click "Finish."

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