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And That"s My Take - (Popping the Pill)

May 9th, ironically Mother's Day this year, marks the 50th anniversary of the approval of the oral contraceptive in the United States.
Canada approved The Pill three years earlier, but only by prescription for 'menstrual irregularities'.
And oh what fun we've had since.
Widely regarded as the beginning of the sexual revolution, The Pill allowed for the freedom to engage in sex without the fright of an unwanted pregnancy.
This contrasts greatly with today's liberation when an unwanted pregnancy could be the least of your concerns.
Times sure are different now.
Advances made in the arena of contraception now include a single injection for females that are as effective as The Pill and provide prevention of pregnancy for months on end.
With more women than ever now involved in medical research, one has to believe that as spectacular as these advances have been, there is yet more to come.
And for similar reasons, the tide is beginning to turn toward the other half of the equation where more emphasis is being placed on the males of our species to take more responsibility in preventing pregnancy and the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.
Ah yes, enter the male condom.
Perhaps the future will include a needle for us males too.
Not an entity known for progression, the Catholic Church in 1960 vehemently opposed the introduction of The Pill.
Of course.
Devout practitioners of the faith continue to strictly adhere to similar draconian sexual observances, despite the obvious risks, the significant peer pressure, and the mass media temptations for our youth to 'give it up'.
One would have to think the Catholic Church had its own internal issues to resolve regarding sex than to be threatening their flock with various religious sanctions for being human.
See? Some things never change.
By the time The Pill was approved, women were already sprinting forward in the workforce and having considerably more outward influence in society, so an argument could be made that the introduction of an oral contraceptive was just one more of the many evolutions made in our culture, however, it would be difficult to dispute that the power women achieved through sexual liberation did not significantly impact who and what we have become in five decades.
And that's my take...
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