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How to Give Your Woman Explosive Orgasms Using 3 Amazingly Simple Tips!

For most guys, enabling their lovers achieve orgasms during sex might seem like an uphill task, but using these 3 simple tips that I will show you will have your woman climaxing every time and she would fall in love with you more because of the intense pleasure that you would keep providing for her.
Just give these tips a try and you would thank me for allowing you to please your woman in bed.
Communication, patience and knowledge are what you need to become a stud in bed.
Let me explain further: Communication This one might look very obvious, but it amazes me how many guys neglect this.
Talk to your woman.
Find out what she really desires and fantasies about during sex.
If you happen to have a woman that is shy about sex, just ask her before having sex that you would want to please her better, so she should tell you what she wants.
Every woman knows what feels good for her and what doesn't feel so good.
Asides asking her, you can also figure this by, paying attention to how she reacts to everything you do during foreplay and sexual intercourse proper.
Keep trying different things and you will find out the things that would make your lover go wild each time you have sexual intercourse.
Patience There is a phrase that goes "men are like fire while women are like boiling water when it comes to sexual intercourse".
Unlike us guys, women need more time to get into the mood for sexual intercourse.
It usually takes women longer time to achieve orgasm than men.
This is why foreplay is very important.
You must make sure your woman is completely wet before you insert your erect manhood.
Then thrusting slowly and rhythmically with your lover's body, use your fingers to stimulate her clitoris.
This would allow her to achieve mind blowing orgasms.
All this might take time and effort, but you would be happy with yourself when you discover that your woman enjoyed the whole sex act.
Knowledge This is where so many guys are lacking and are still not willing to learn.
To be able to please your woman, you have to know about her body.
Ask your lover questions concerning her sexual preferences.
Try different positions during sex, so you can find out which one she loves.
Once you discover the techniques that your woman responds more to, you can keep giving it to her during sexual intercourse and you would be assured of her loyalty and faithfulness to you.
It is also very important that you understand how your body responds also, so you can be able to improve the areas that you may be lacking in bed.
This is very necessary if you are going to be able to satisfy your lover very well.
You should aim to have complete control over your erection so you would be able to last long enough to bring your woman to orgasms.
Another common problem that most guys face also is the issue of a small erect manhood.
The truth is manhood size matters a lot to women and they achieve orgasm faster and better with bigger penises than small or average ones.
Did you know that there are exercises that can give you a bigger penis and give you complete control over your ejaculations and erections? These exercises are known as natural penis exercises.
Engaging in natural penis exercises for a period of time would give you both a bigger penis and longer lasting erections.
We all know that the needs of women during sexual intercourse varies from woman to woman and each one responds differently to techniques and positions, but the bottom line is that being bigger and lasting longer during sex helps a great deal when it comes to satisfying your lover in bed.
If you have been following these few tips and you are still finding it difficult to give your lover multiple orgasms, then you should consider getting a bigger penis and increasing your sexual stamina.
In a recent survey, it was revealed that every 8 out of 10 women surveyed said they would prefer if their lover had a bigger penis.
I am saying this out of my own personal experience, having a bigger penis and an improved sexual stamina helps a lot both in the bedroom and outside the bedroom.
The confidence you get from being able to give your woman orgasms is amazing.

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