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Solutions for Removing Odors


    • It's no secret that shoes and feet can put off some unpleasant odors. To help prevent stinky shoes, always wash and dry feet and apply a light deodorant to them before putting on socks and shoes. For tough foot odors, apply antibacterial soap to them or soak them in vinegar for a few minutes at night. To ensure shoes that smell fresh, add a bit of baking soda to the inside of the shoes and air them out every night.


    • Odors in the fridge can be absorbed by placing coffee grounds, activated charcoal or baking soda inside. To prevent odors from forming in the refrigerator, always thoroughly scrub it with a cleaner. Don't forget to clean the drawers as well. A major problem area for odors within the fridge is the drain pan. This pan is located behind a panel just under the refrigerator, and you must remove this panel to clean any odor-forming material that has drained into it.

    Garbage Disposals

    • Common cleaners for garbage disposals are vinegar and baking soda. There are also all-purpose cleaners that are effective in cleaning out a smelly garbage disposal. It's easy for food and other garbage to become trapped under the rubber flaps of a garbage disposal, leading it to become damp and odorous. The next time you are cleaning the disposal, make sure you turn it off and use a stiff brush to clean any garbage that has become trapped under these flaps.


    • If a grimy odor is coming from your sink's overflow, the hole in the sink that prevents it from overflowing if it gets too full, you need a strong mixture to flush any sludge that has been trapped in this hole. Mix very hot water with a detergent or laundry bleach and pour it down the overflow. Follow by rinsing the area with water and the odor should be gone.


    • Smoke odors can be some of the toughest to remove. Even professional cleaners sometimes aren't a match for this resistant odor. Pine-Sol cleaner is an effective solution to both cover and rid smoke smells in a room or car. Fill a few small bowls with the cleaner, and place them in the area that smells like smoke. Close this area off for several days, and then allow the area to ventilate, preferably with fresh outdoor air. This will remove the smell, both smoke and cleaner, from the air.

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