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5 Tips To Stop A Dog From Eating Feces

Dogs eating feces is a disgusting habit that should be addressed especially by puppy owners.
There are many theories behind coprophagia and it is important to determine the root cause.
The common reason why dogs eat feces is these could be tasty for them.
Puppies might feel that they become stronger if they feces.
Many dogs also do this because it helps fight boredom or anxiety.
A dog that still feels hungry after eating might also eat his own poop if it smells like the food he just took.
Here are some tips on how to stop a dog from eating feces.
The living or wandering area of the dog should be properly maintained.
Pet owners should train the dog to defecate in a designated area.
A dog might be forced to eat his feces in order to keep his surroundings clean.
Pet owners should know better than feeding a dog anything edible.
It is advisable that the dog is given a well balance diet full of nutrients.
The amount of food given should also be measure to avoid overeating.
Dogs should be fed in a timely manner.
Twice a day of equal servings is ideal.
This practice is advisable to prevent a dog from eating feces because of hunger.
Teach basic obedience training.
Say "off" if the dog is starting to taste his poop.
Consult a veterinarian immediately if the behavior of eating feces actually resulted from a medical condition.
Those suggested above will not address the problem and can only be solved with proper medical attention.
While the habit of eating poop is abnormal to humans, it should be understood that some dogs see this as a normal part of life.
It is best to practice patience and performing the stated tips in order to eventually break this disgusting habit among dogs in no time at all.

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