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I remember that summer when my family went on our very first camping trip up at Yellowstone River in Billings, Montana.
As a kid, I thought I had died and gone to heaven.
Back then it seemed like a very big playground for someone as tiny as I was; staying up late each night telling wild life stories to scare the hell out of my sister, devouring as many s'mores as I can fit in my mouth at a time, the campfire sizzling right until the first light of day, and nothing else mattered.
The best part of being a kid on a camping trip is that you don't really have to worry about anything else other than yourself.
Fine, that was a lie, I did worry about bears coming to eat me alive and running out of marshmallows.
But as adults, it is important to know what the important things are to include in your camping and hiking gear.
Most avid campers even consider camping as a sport so it would be considered some sort of irreverence to get yourself out there without the bare necessities.
There is a certain freedom that you can feel when you're one with nature but once you're out there, you also have to be prepared for anything.
Bringing camping essentials will make sure that you and your family get to enjoy every minute but more importantly, they could just make the great unknown a little more safe.
And the first item on the survivor list of a camping neophyte should be a nice sturdy tent.
The Pinnacle Pass 3XTA Tent is a free-standing, 2-pole, rectangular dome that has two side openings that bring comfort and ease to first time and seasonal campers.
This three-to-four person tent has also other features that may come in handy at some point, including an auxiliary vent on the side, interior storage pockets, with ring and pin/pole pocket assembly.
It retails for around $170 but you could buy it at a slightly lower price on http://www.
If you prefer literally sleeping under the stars, then a sleeping bag ought to do the trick.
For only $60.
95 you can play connect-the-dots in the sky with your camping companions in a sleek Canyon 32 Sleeping Bag that's made of durable nylon and climate friendly DuPont Thermolite Micro filling.
The same site also provides free shipping within the contiguous United States for total purchases over $75 so you're not only saving on the items you're buying but you're also banking on convenience.
You wouldn't have to do anything much except type on your keyboard and whip that credit card out while you plan your trip in your head.
If you really want it to be a real camping adventure, you have to learn how to get food el natural or at least try to.
Fishing is not unusual during camping trips.
It actually gives families more time to bond over meals; from catching the fish, to preparing the grill, to the delicious feast itself.
Get started with the Guide Gear 6'6" Baitcasting Rod And Reel which costs only $29.
Catch this great online offer on http://www.
If your ideal camping trip is a far cry from roughing it in the wild and doing it old school, there's a lot of ways to enjoy the great American outdoors without having to bond with nature too much.
You could go car camping, where you pitch tent right beside your car, or go out in style in an RV.
Whatever approach you choose to take, you're sure to have a blast.
No matter how you end up having your ultimate camping vacation, never forget to take a first aid survival kit with you.
Oral and topical Antihistamines, antibiotic creams, and even an EpiPen can be quite handy for dangerous insect bites and severe allergic reactions to other elements.
It should also contain over-the-counter remedies for various common ailments and emergencies like acetaminophen, ibuprofen, immodium, and the like.
Forget about your facial atomizer, your favorite blanky, portable DVD player, and designer outdoor wear but whatever you do, don't leave your compass and bug spray; they might just save your life.

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