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How to Get My Ex to Come Back - Must Read Material If You REALLY Want Your Ex Back!

The short answer to your question, "How to get my ex to come back?" might confuse you at first, but bear with me and trust me when I say that this advice has worked for THOUSANDS of people before you.
OK, so you're hurting.
You miss your ex so much that you can't think of ANYTHING else, right? Well, I'm here to tell you that if you are serious about getting them back, you have to read every word in this article, NOW! The short answer to the question is that you MUST accept their decision and Let Them Go.
I know that goes against everything you are thinking right now, so keep reading and this will make a lot more sense.
I'm going to explain exactly why you have to say goodbye if you EVER want to reconcile your relationship.
We've established that you are hurting.
Your first reaction was probably to repeatedly apologize (even if you're not sure why) and profess your undying love for your former lover.
This is a completely common and normal reaction, but if you really want to know the answer to the How to get My Ex to Come Back question, you need to back off the desperation and neediness.
ASAP! If your Ex is going to come back, he/she first needs to feel a sense of loss.
They need to have time to miss you! If you are constantly calling, texting, emailing with your desperation to get them back, you are just re-assuring them of their decision and pushing them further away.
Accepting their decision lets them start to Miss YOU, because in their mind, it is the first sign that you are moving on with your life.
The next step is to take some time away from your Ex to work on yourself.
Get healthy, sink yourself into your work, find a new hobby, read some spiritually uplifting books or ANYTHING you can think of to get yourself in a stronger, more confident position.
Confidence and independence are WAY more attractive than desperation and need! Once you are in a better place, it will be much more evident exactly how to get your ex to come back.

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