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Be The First One To Grab: Hints On the iPhone 5 Release Date

While more and more speculations about the upcoming iPhone 5 features consistently come out, still, people are left guessing about the much awaited iPhone 5 release date.
No one outside the Apple company knows exactly when will it be but that doesn't mean that you can only wait without a clue until Apple reveals a clear iPhone 5 release date.
Who knows if even the people from the Apple company are still certain about the date? Somehow, you could adjust your expectations and not grow impatient about the iPhone 5 release date by having a reasonable hint about the grand launch.
IPhone 5 was first expected to come out by the month of June or July 2011 but since an AT&T representative once confirmed that Apple informed the company to not expect the product in the said month and that it will be pushed to September 2011, people expected it as they stated.
As the months passed, more information about the iPhone 5 release date are shared over different media platforms.
In a press note by the Avian Securities, it was said that iPhone 5 will go in production by July.
In that case, people predicted the phone to hit the stores late in 2011 or early in 2012.
Though many people are becoming tired of waiting, the delay of iPhone 5 release date is somehow acceptable to most people since one probable cause was the recent disaster that had hit Japan where the manufacturing plant of Apple's lithium ion batteries are greatly affected.
To most tech geeks, that will be considerable thinking that one of the anticipated features of iPhone's 5th generation is having an extended battery life.
In another light, a lot of people are also expecting the smart phone on September 2011 since the iOS 5 that Apple just announced will be released on the same month.
Along with this exciting operating system which, will introduce another pack of cool features, Apple will also introduce their new generation of iPods and iPod touches.
CNET UK assumed in a report that iOS 5 will be best complemented by the release of iPhone 5.
Similarly, there are assumptions saying that the iPhone 5 release date needed to be held back until iOS 5 is ready for launch since the two will go well on a grand launch.
Varied maybe but however, with these hints, you can somehow estimate when will Apple be ready to reveal its newest baby.
With the features having spread over the Internet, most of you are surely going crazy about the moment you will be able to catch or take a glimpse at iPhone 5.
But with as much updates about the release, you can somehow contain your obsession and patiently wait for this phone that is known as a major hit in the making.

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