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How to Set Up a MIDI Surface in Reason

    • 1). Connect your MIDI control surface to your computer with the USB cable. Attach the square-like end into the appropriate controller output, then slide the USB end into the port of your computer. If drivers need to be installed, allow them to do so before moving forward.

    • 2). Open your Reason program and allow all of the files to properly load. A window should prompt and ask you if you would like to set the connected control surface to default. Select “Yes” to save this setting. If this window does not pop up, manually configure this hardware device.

    • 3). Click on the “Edit” option of the top left section of your Reason window. Select the “Preferences” option and then highlight the “MIDI” form. Choose the appropriate driver for your control surface model.

    • 4). Move to the “Advanced MIDI” tab of your Reason “Preferences” screen. Select the device driver name under the “BUS:A” field, then click “Save” to finalize these settings. This allows you to control the sounds built inside the software with the hardware knobs and faders of your MIDI control surface.

    • 5). Start a new project. Load a virtual instrument or sequencer from your Reason program into the current project. Assign your MIDI controller to this selected instrument and test the control surface's abilities.

    • 6). Connect multiple MIDI control surfaces to your computer, as Reason supports multiple MIDI hardware devices at once. Configure the settings in a similar manner to the first, making sure all the appropriate drivers and cables are attached.

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