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New perimeter security alarm product

new perimeter security alarm product

New Wall sensor - Micalert-303 perimeter security by RBtec for do-it-yourself application

The Micalert-303 perimeter security by RBtec is a do-it-yourself (DIY) set up sensor via dry contact that can be linked to an typical residential security system.

The Micalert-303 perimeter security is a simple and successful answer for perimeter security within smaller sites for example residences, warehouses as well as small enterprises. The sensor can easily be mounted on many kinds of fences, walls, roof tops and can even guard solar power systems from ruin or even theft.

The Micalert fence sensor was created by RBtec, an market innovator specializing in perimeter intrusion detection systems. The company has a large product line of perimeter intrusion detection sensors.

The sensor that started it all and whose reliability is showed clearly daily all over the world in all kinds of installations, is the SL-3.

The SL-3 electronic security system is a solid, weather resistant sensor that may be installed on any wall, fence or concertina. After twenty four years of installations there aren't any identified problems of stability, synchronization, or any other repair to the sensor itself.

Besides the well-known SL-3 perimeter security, RBtec makes buried sensors that can be mounted on walls or in the ground.

The MBS sensor detects even the smallest change in the electromagnetic area throughout the sensor. The sensor is so sensitive it could identify a belt buckle located on the intruder which makes an attempt to cross over it. The sensor is within its very last stages of being licensed by the US Authorities for usage within high security areas.

So far a lot of RBtec perimeter security sensors had been installed by security companies and integrators due to the high complexity and price, which prevented them from being set up in houses, warehouses, small businesses, etc.

Not too long ago RBtec recognized the requirement for a solution for smaller installations and introduced the Micalert-303 and Ironclad perimeter security sensor. The two sensors can be purchased as a kit which can be set up by an alarm dealer both easily and quickly. Such as the SL-3 perimeter intrusion detection, these types of sensors can be positioned on any type of fencing which includes rock, plastic and roof tops.

The Micalert-303 and Ironclad perimeter home alarm are relatively inexpensive options when compared to the IR sensors available in the market. When you add to the equation that the RBtec perimeter burglar security alarm don't need servicing and can work in severe weather conditions, it should be the favorite alternative of any end client.

Micalert-303 and Ironclad perimeter security alarm are available in four layouts:

500 Feet package (1 section)
1,000 Feet package (2- 500 Feet areas)
1,000 Feet kit (1 area)
2,000 Feet package (2- 1,000 Feet areas)

Both items are generally very similar. The main difference being that Ironclad includes a shielding steel cover which protects the cable from harm letting it be mounted on razor blade wires.

The perimeter security sensor picks up climbing, cutting of the fence / wire or touching it. Meaning that the solution is perfect for personal use in residences, warehouses as well as small compounds.

The sale is only via authorised dealers. To learn more, please click our internet site: http://www.rbtec.com

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