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How to Pleasure a Woman With Your Hands - 3 Clever Tips Revealed

Want to learn how to pleasure a woman with your hand? The three ways I am about to reveal to you will help both of you connect on a level of sexuality you never knew possible.
A majority of men think they can pleasure a woman just by having intercourse...
But fail to realize their hand can act like a magic wand and help bring their woman to thunderous orgasms.
These three tips will help you pleasure a woman and give her the type of foreplay she desires.
  1. If you have ever had the chance to witness a woman pleasure herself.
    You will notice she uses her hand to rub her clitoris in circular motions.
    Have her sit between your legs with her back facing your chest.
    Reach down with one hand and start massaging her clitoris with your hand in a circular motion, while kissing her shoulders and neck.
    The more aroused she becomes the faster the circles and make sure to use light pressure.
  2. Trace circles around the outside of her breast with your hand.
    Most men target the nipples but the outer part of her breasts are very sensitive and a hot erogenous zone.
  3. While performing oral sex, take one finer and insert it into her vagina and use a come hither motion on her G Spot, this is my favorite move and will make her achieve orgasm faster.
All off these can help give your woman more pleasure just by using your hand...
Without the use of intercourse.
She will be amazed at your gentle touch and thoughtfulness of wanting to give her more pleasure and enjoy better sex.
Would like to learn more tips on how to pleasure woman?

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