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Twitter and Facebook Contests Are the Future of Interactive Advertising

Marketing professionals are seeking new ways to reach and interact with their audience.
Traditional outbound efforts are slowly dissipating to make room for the future of advertising.
Interactive campaigns have been all the rage, but many companies are failing to come up with creative campaigns that meet their objectives.
It is time for banner ads and text ads to step aside and make room for full interactive marketing that stretches across multiple media connecting a target market.
Though these efforts may take more creative initiative and timely human resources, they prove to be far more effective and cost efficient than traditional marketing.
As a popular commercial that many of us may remember from Wayne's World 2 says, "they'll tell two people, and they'll tell two people.
" This kind of viral marketing cannot be bought with traditional advertising means.
One company that is looking to take advantage of their dynamic online platform is launching a series of connected viral marketing campaigns.
com is an online talent community, from musicians to comedians, singers to dancers, and models to photographers, TalentTrove.
com gives everyday people the ability to showcase their talents with the world.
TalentTrove serves as a multimedia platform for artists and talent seekers to connect through multiple features including distinctive categories, advanced social networking and live media distribution.
"We do not believe in using traditional advertising, not for ourselves or our prospective sponsors and advertisers", said Stephen Racano, Interactive and Social Media Marketing Manager.
Instead, creating contests like 'Tweet your Talent', launching Facebook applications, using Facebook Connect, and making creative interaction between social media and TalentTrove.
com is the goal.
'Tweet your Talent' is a campaign in which any twitter user can reply with a #tweetyourtalent hashtag and earn a chance to receive a weekly $20 iTunes gift card.
Many other companies and organizations are looking to take advantage of the demographic advantages and virality of social media.
The audience is looking for new ways to interact with their favorite companies, making new inbound marketing strategies far more effective than old traditional means.

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