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Safely Towing Horse Float

It requires the correct skills and knowledge to tow horse floats properly. Trailer, huge cars, caravans and many other types of horse floats have a huge impact on how the towing vehicle will work. It also affects the actual brake capacity, acceleration, fuel consumption, overall control and movability. The consequences can be caused by the increased weight and size of the horse float when compared to size of the towing vehicle or truck.

The excess width and length can be quite a concern to deal with especially with the strong wind, road roughness and other passing vehicles that the driver might encounter along the way. And also this adds another issue to the driver.

Useful Tips in Towing

Towing more than one hose float concurrently is not permitted. People are not allowed to ride throughout trailers, horse floats and caravans. When you're towing on roadways with no proper street lighting, you must drive not more than 60 meters after huge vehicles or another vehicle-towing trailers to put some space in between you and the vehicle ahead of you. Provisional student drivers and motorcycle are not permitted to tow. P1 car license holders are permitted to tow small trailers along with only up to 250 kg of unloaded weight.

So what do drivers have to keep in mind?

Driving a horse float takes a great amount of exercise. Here are some things to follow to maintain the best natural horsemanship when towing:

· Allow horse floats to ‘cut-in' in curves and edges

· Allow longer mileage for overtaking, and braking to the original traffic stream

· Refrain from easily changing lanes along with directions because this might startle the horses

· Look ahead on the road than the usual so that you won't be surprised or overwhelmed to any changes in traffic and conditions about roads

· Use tires and accelerator and gently

· Ensure that you slow down the horse float before going into any corners or curves

· Scheduled stops and shortened traveling days can be extremely taxing and tiring for the horse

· There's no specific velocity restriction while towing the horse floator horse transport. However, the required speed limits should not be realized.

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