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How to Identify Caterpillars in Missouri

    • 1). Observe the caterpillar's physical appearance and jot your findings in a notepad. This will come in handy as you attempt to identify different caterpillars. Note the caterpillars, color, body shape, texture and distinctive marks or features. If possible, take a picture of the caterpillar.

    • 2). Access the University of Missouri's agricultural web page to view its" Caterpillars in Your Yard and Garden" series. This resource provides website visitors with a wealth of informative articles, including photos of native Missouri caterpillars and a brief description of each insect's characteristics and behaviors.

    • 3). Click the "Next" button on each web page to advance through the photographs. Look at each picture and read the photo captions to help you identify caterpillars.

    • 4). Upload a photo of the caterpillar to's official website. Before you can submit a picture, you must complete the short registration process and log in to the system. Click the "Add Image" link, which will appear on the screen after you've completed this process and upload the picture. Other registered users will view the photo and identify the caterpillar for you.

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