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Experience The Golden Gate Bridge

Every city has its famous sights that are iconic and which everyone recognises the world over. San Francisco has the Golden Gate Bridge, and its colour and design are instantly viewed as an image associated with this particular US city.

You will no doubt be familiar with how the bridge looks from seeing photos of it in newspapers and magazines, and images on television and in film. But this may not prepare you for the knowledge that it is well over a mile and a half in length. It used to be the longest bridge of its type in the world, but that is no longer the case. A handful of other bridges have surpassed it since it was opened back in 1937.

Many cars and other vehicles pass over the bridge on a daily basis, crossing to and from San Francisco itself and Marin County on the other side, crossing the stretch of water known as the Golden Gate in the process. Not everyone is aware that this stretch of water gave the bridge its iconic name.

If you want to cross the bridge however, there are other ways to do it rather than by car. Perhaps the best way is to walk from one side to the other, as you get some superb views along the way. If you do this, make sure you stick to one side on the way. You can then cross safely at one end and come back along the other side to get a different view.

Those who live in San Francisco view the bridge as a way of crossing the strait of water it traverses. But for tourists it is one of the main areas of the city to see. One thing to be aware of in this respect is just how busy it can be. Always walk carefully and remember that cyclists can use the bridge as well. The sidewalk on the eastern side of the bridge is open to both walkers and cyclists, so bear this in mind.

Remember too that it can get quite breezy as you walk further out onto the bridge. Even if the weather is good it is advisable to ensure you have a sweater or fleece on to keep out the cold. Good shoes are also a must, particularly if you plan on walking across the whole span of the bridge and then back again.

There is no doubt this is one of the highlights of the many sights and sounds of San Francisco. There are also lots of San Francisco hotels nearby that you can stay in during your time in the city. You might even get a great view of the bridge from the window of your chosen accommodation.

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