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Memory Loss and Aging - 7 Simple Tips to Stop and Reverse Age Related Memory Loss

Memory loss and aging seem to go hand in hand - but they don't need to.
Here are some simple tips just about everyone can do to help stop and reduce aging memory loss.
Memory Loss and Aging Tips
  • Take a Yoga or Pilates Class - this will have many benefits for both your brain and your body.
    The exercises will get your body moving, the new techniques will stimulate your brain and the meditation aspects of the classes will help relieve stress.
    This covers the areas of Physical Exercise, Mental Stimulation and Stress all know factors in memory loss.
  • Reduce Bad Fats in Your Diet and Add Good Fats - the Mediterranean diet has been reviewed by scientists studying memory loss as it is particularly high in good fats including olive oil and walnuts.
    The good fats appear to be beneficial to the body in many ways, not just the brain but your heart health too.
    Walnuts have the highest levels of plant omega-3.
    These omega-3 fatty acids have many benefits for both brain and heart.
    Tip - cut out the morning or afternnoon muffin or cake and replace it with a handful of walnuts.
    20 walnut halves are a good serve.
  • Drink water - Drink 6 glasses of filtered water a day.
    Hydrating the brain helps stop headaches and flushes out high concentrations of hormones or medications.
    Water is vital for your brain health and for the health of your entire body.
  • Eat some blueberries, strawberries or broccoli - all of which are high in anti-oxidants and have been shown to have a great effect on the brain.
  • Go for a walk - Just a one hour walk, three times a week can make a significant difference to your overall health.
    There have been studies showing how it not only appears to clear your brain but creates real improvements to both processing and memory when undertaken regularly.
    The studies lasted for about 6 months, so a walk here or there won't have a real effect.
    Create a new habit, form a walking group with some friends and do it regularly.
  • Exercise your brain - try a crossword, sudoku or brain teaser puzzle.
    People who have mental stimulation in their job or who actively seek it through reading, doing puzzles, or formal training seem to experience less memory loss as they age.
    Just like your body, your brain needs to be exercised.
    There are many ways to exercise your brain, just as there are many ways to exercise your body.
    Find what works for you and create a regular routine.
    If you are looking for a more formal program try an online brain training program - it's like having a personal trainer for your brain.
  • Learn some new memory techniques - amaze your friends with your newly acquired talents! Read a book or take a course on some of the more common memory techniques.
    Or to really blow your mind, enroll on a full memory enhancement program but be prepared to put in the hard yards - phenomenal memory comes at a price.
Memory loss and aging don't have to get the better of you.
You can grow older gracefully with your brain cells in tact if you try some of these tips.
Actively exercising your brain or learning your whole life can even help to improve your memory and brain functions as you age.
The more of these memory loss and aging tips you try, the more benefit! What will you do today for your brain health?

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