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How to Deal With Dog Poop?

Waste disposal has become a global environmental issue affecting all nations and is a very significant problem in today's world.
Some methods of waste disposal release air pollutants and greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.
It is better to know the proper way how to dispose your dog poop in order to help the environment in its big problem and also for us to keep clean and safe.
When storm water carries pet waste and other pollutants directly into waterways it will contaminate drinking water.
The bacteria which were harbored in dog poo are E coli, fecal coliform bacteria, salmonella and giardia which are harmful in human health.
Although in some place dog poop is not considered as biological hazard, there are rare cases that this causes a disease called Toxicarias.
There are county by-laws class dog poop as hazardous waste, and not allow it to be picked up by city garbage collectors.
There are lots of proper ways of disposing your dog poop.
Like burying it in your garden properly or scoop it up and flush it down the toilet.
That's best because then your community sewage treatment plant or your septic system treats the pet waste.
Installing the Doggie Dooley waste removal system is another good way to dispose your dog poop.
But in setting up this system better read its instructions for good result.
This is easy to use and inside it the fast acting chemicals break the waste down.
Doggy Loo is another one, this is a special buckets with holes in the bottom you place into the ground on a bed of stones and then add an enzyme to which will break down the poop.
If you are willing to dispose your dog waste properly you can find a best solution to fit you.
It is not that hard believe me.

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